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Just a year after the ascent of the Jungfrau along different routes which served as the kick-off for the 150 peak climbs in Mammut’s anniversary year, CEO Rolf Schmid is scaling another spectacular mountain in the Jungfrau region.

Schmid is climbing the 4,107-meter Mönch together with company heads Andreas Meyer (SBB), André Béchir (Good News), Ernst Kohler (Rega) and Urs Kessler (Jungfraubahnen). While conquering the summit a year ago served as the starting shot for the biggest peak project in history, thanks to the unforgettable impressions of the first tour, the executives spontaneously decided to undertake a second joint tour last Saturday.

In the interview, Rolf Schmid gives exciting insights into this impressive experience:

Photo: Thomas UlrichMammut: What was the reason for the Mönch ascent?

Schmid: Already a year ago, on 3 August 2011, together with a group of friends, on the occasion of the start of our 150 peak tours and the 200th anniversary of the first ascent of the Jungfrau, I was able to reach the latter’s summit. That proved to be so much fun for all of us that we decided to do another tour the following year.

«We had perfect weather conditions.»

Mammut: What was the most impressive experience on the tour?

Schmid: We had perfect weather conditions and therefore a fantastic view for miles all around, including of course the unique mountain panorama.

Mammut: This was already your second time standing on the Mönch: how did the two climbs differ from one another?

Schmid: When I did my first ascent of the Mönch it was in early November. At that time of year there is significantly more snow, it was a lot colder and much windier. This time on the summit we had a comfortable 5-6°C, all in all perfect conditions.

Photo: Thomas Ulrich

«The Eiger belongs among the summits that I’d like to climb… one day.»

Mammut: When climbing a 4,000 metre high peak, what are the three most important things in your packpack?

Schmid: Apart from the obvious items like cramons, warm clothing, etc., for me the following three articles are especially important: dried mango fruits, a thermos bottle of Mate Tee (which is traditionally considered to be performance-boosting and hunger-suppressing), which I moreover brought back from my last trip to South America and my trekking sticks, which I like to use during the descent.

Mammut: Recently our Pro Team athlete Stephan Siegrist became the first alpinist ever to conquer the three Cerro peaks in the winter, when will you complete your own Berner Oberland Trilogy with the Eiger?

Schmid: This year the weekends and my holidays are already booked with other tours. And also for the coming year it isn’t on my tour wish list, but nevertheless the Eiger belongs among the summits that I’d like to climb… one day.

The story broadcast on the Glanz & Gloria show on Swiss TV channel SRF: “Spitzenkräfte auf der Bergspitze

Photos: Thomas Ulrich