Condituons of booking MBaqueira

To formalize a reservation we require a deposit of 50% of the total cost of the activity.



All bookings canceled without justification will incur a charge of 50 %. All reservations that are not canceled with 24 hours in advance, shall be subject to the payment in full.

In the case that the cancellation of the class is due to the closure of the resort it will be postponed to another date within the same season.

MBaqueira reserves the right to cancel any class if payment is not resolved in its entirety before the course or activity.

MBaqueira reserves the right to cancel any course or activity that do not have a minimum number of students to complete the group. The courses and activities must have a minimum of  people to run. If there are fewer, the customers may pay an additional quota for the activity.


Delay Charge

Due to the nature of our business and the fact that we are often very busy and we need to change quickly from one lesson to another, we urge  our customers to be punctual. Instructors are asked to wait for customers up to 30 minutes. If the customer has not called to our office or the instructor to say that he/she is going to be late, in this term, the instructor has the right to leave and the customer shall be responsible for full payment of the lesson. In no case will be retrieved the minutes lost due to the delay of any client.


Important Information for Parents:

MBaqueira  kindly request all parents to read this information and ensure that all points are covered, regardless of age or level of the children. This will help you to ensure that everything runs smoothly and keep the learning environment as secure and enjoyable as possible for our most precious students, children!
Children must come prepared with the following:

  • Helmet (Required for all children under 13 years)
  • Appropriate gloves to protect from the cold and waterproof clothes
  • Adequate protection for the eyes. Solar Protection.
  • Advisable a small lunch; cookies, chocolate… or a few euros for a chocolate.
  • Be able to use the bathroom without assistance
  • The instructor must be informed of the details in case of special medical conditions exist. The dietary requirements and allergies should be disclosed.
  • Instructors may not take care of the children  a minute later of the ending of the  lesson because the teacher may not go to his/her next class by the delay of the parents. A supplement of 25€ will be applied per each half an hour late.