General mountain conditions

These terms and conditions shall be the same for contracted activities through the ski school.


1-       The form of payment: Once confirmed, you will pay 50% of the cost of the activity in reserve concept.

The rest will be paid in cash the day of the activity or by transfer with one week in advance. Indicate the name and the date of the activity in the concept.

Cancellations will not be eligible for a refund of the booking if the activity is canceled with less than a week

2-   Mountain activities are subject to weather conditions, the terrain and of the participants, and may be any of them cause of modification and even cancellation of an activity if the Guide considers it necessary.

3.-Hire a professional involves leaving under its criterion decisions to be taken, being him/her, the responsible of the group during the development of the activity.

4.- The participants must follow at all times the indications and communicate any problems or issues that may arise. The Guide disclaims any responsibility for those who do not follow the guidelines or acting with negligence.

5- All the activities can be adapted to virtually any age and state of form. Participants should report any health problem that can hinder the development of the activity.

6- The insurance coverage will be hired only during the development of the activity. Not during the remainder of the day or on the go.

7- Neither the Guide/ Instructor, nor the insurance will be responsible for any customer who is under the effects of any drug during the development of the hired activity.

8- In mountain activities is recommended be federated with the option Pyrenees and/or alpine skiing for the realization of any of the activities. In the case of the Alps is recommended European coverage.

9- Hire any activity involve to have read and accepted these general conditions.