Climb with  MammutBaqueira

Never tried rock climbing before? Nearby Baqueira and in the Pyrenees there are numerous venues for beginner rock climbers to experience  this sport and learn the basics. There are also multitude crags with thousands of routes available to challenge rock climbers of all abilities.

Mammut Baqueira mountain guides will prepare different personalized  sessions so you will know the different kind of climbing. You will also can climb with us these dreamy challenges.

  • Rock Climbing, enjoy with Mammut Baqueira in sport climbing. There are many things to do around Baqueira and in the Valley of Aran

  • There are many fun peak scrambles in the Valle de Aran and around Baqueira that anyone who enjoys hiking can do.

  • Learn how to use hard material and how to do long traditional climbs within The longitud experienced Mammut Baqueira Mountain Guides                       

  • Indoor Climbing; there is a new Gym Climbing in Vielha where you could go with our Guides whenever you wan, because there are a lot of things to do in Baqueira.

Contact Mammut Baqueira for further information and consult our prices.

Every activity is ruled by high mountain guides with the highest qualification.